Best Ways to Potty Train a Kitten


One of the most common questions we receive on a daily basis has to do with potty training kittens. And we can see why, training your cat to use the litter-box can be a long, daunting, process.

We are flooded by questions like :

“Why does my cat poop on the floor ? ”

“How do I stop my cat from peeing on my new carpet ? ”

“What is the best way to potty train my cat? I’m sick of having cat-residue all over ”

Well, we feel your pain, and this has to end.

Today, we will teach you everything we know in order to potty train your cat, and hopefully get your little fur ball to stop peeing and pooping all over your house.

First, we will talk about preparing the litter box, and in the second phase we will get to the actual training.

Phase 1:Preparation


Cats are very picky, and will probably avoid their litter-box if it is dirty. And we can totally understand, imagine how it feels when you go inside a dirty mall restroom. Disgusting, isn’t it ?

Make sure your cat doesn’t feel the same way, clean the litter-box regularly to make it more appealing so that he won’t have to look for other places when he has to go.

This is the most powerful advice when it comes to potty training, a few days ago we got an email from our reader asking ” why does my cat poop on the floor ? , he said nothing he has done worked.

After we told him to make sure the litter box is clean and washed, his cat stopped pooping on the floor. So don’t underestimate the power of cleaning when it comes to cat behavioural problems.


In ancient Egypt, cats were perceived as a divine animal. 

We think it would be appropriate to offer ‘her highness’ an additional litter box, in case the first one is dirty.

All jokes aside, some cats prefer having two ‘bathrooms’ for another reason : they do their “number 1” in one box, and “number 2” in the other. Yup, we told you they are picky….

Two litter boxes can be the perfect solution, in case you haven’t had time to clean the first box, there’s always a clean bathroom for you cat to use.

We just wish some people were as clean as cats are.


Like in real-estate, the boxes location is crucial. If your kitten still refuses to use the litter box, try to find another location.

Make sure the bathrooms’ location is comfortable and safe for him: place it in a quiet environment, without too many distractions and noises.

If he won’t feel safe, he will simply won’t use it.

Make sure that food and water are further away from the box
, If you eat your favourite steak in your bathroom, why should the cat ?

Ideally the litter box should be in one side of the room and the food and water trays in the other side of the room.


After you made sure the litter box is clean, smells nice, and placed in a safe location, you want to teach your kitten to use it.

Stop him from revisiting ‘old sites’ he used

First, make sure you thoroughly clean every spot he “used” before. The scent of his litter can encourage him to reuse the same place again. Another thing you can do is put his food and water bowls on that area, cats don’t tend to use the loo where they eat.

If nothing helps and your cat seems to keep using the same spot as his bathroom, try to spray citrus scent on the area, cats hate it !

 Don’t ever physically punish (hit) your cat ! not only its a horrible thing to do, it won’t help, it will only get him even more stressed. 

Good kitty ! Here’s a treat !  

Make sure you ‘praise’ your cat and give her a treat every time she uses the litter box, at least at the beginning of the process. This way you encourage your cat to keep doing a good job and using his bathroom vs. your new carpet.

Where else would you go, kitty ?

You did everything right, but your cat still refuses to use the litter box. Well, you should try this method.

Pick a room in your house that is pretty much isolated [like a 2nd bathroom], place her food, water bowls, a place she could use for scratching, and of course the litter box in it, and leave her there for a few days. We want the litter box to be the ‘best optional bathroom’ for your cat so make sure there is no carpet, or anything your cat love to use as one.

Make sure she has everything he needs and visit often , don’t forget to make sure the room is vented and comfortable. The idea here is not to punish your cat, but to make sure she gets used to the litter-box, eliminating all other “potential bathrooms”.


To sum things up, you will first need to make sure the litter box is appealing for your cat : clean, comfortable, located in a safe place ( away from your cats food and water) and might want to consider getting him two litter boxes.

When it comes to encouraging your cat to use his litter box, you want to stop him from using his “old bathrooms” by thoroughly cleaning them, offer him treats whenever he does use the litter box, and as a last resort, use the method we suggested by leaving him in a safe room (with everything he needs) so that the litter-box is the only great option for him to use.

We know it can be exhausting and take a while, but please be patient with your kitten. Eventually he/she will learn !

Some people like using behavioural medications for cats ( offered by a vet ), and they can actually reduce your cats’ anxiety and stress, making it easier on him to use his bathroom. We recommend you try using our advice first, they were proven to work in many cases, and if nothing helps, consult with your vet and ask him about this medications.

We hoped we helped you figuring out what is the best way to potty train a kitten ( or cat ), and wish you the best of luck!

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